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Perty sweet. Dont care for all the LED's tho.

There was one a while back all carboned out. That was a bad bad beast. But here is the best one.

found on
My current mods are below

new reground racing cams
new H-11 tool steel valve springs and titanium retainers
1051cc big bore kit
Devil Racing headers and slip-on for a complete full pipe
5 angle racing valve job
surfaced/trued up the cylinder head
same on cylinder block
polished the cam bearing surface on the cams
blueprinted all bearings - rods , mains and cam caps
flow balanced injectors
intake snorkel mod
crank case vacuum mod
BMC racing air filter
mirror polished the crank and rods
Redline full synthetic racing oil with oversized Baldwin oil filter
blueprinted all the piston ring gaps
mirror polished the piston pins

applied thermal barrier coating to the piston tops and combustion chambers

indexed the spark plugs
thin head gasket
precision torqued all nuts and bolts with my Snap On torque wrench

wrote software to flash the stock ECU - adjusted fuel , ignition curves and sub-throttle opening points

new racing aluminum radiator and on and on

All of these mods gets me 206 rear wheel HP and 213.8 on race gas .

Bobster , the compression increase is more than .3 . My stock measured compression ratio was 12.23-1 . That was before all mods . Kawasaki quotes 12.7-1 . Now I see where the stock 160HP bikes came from that the magazines tested . I gained 1.5 points of compression for a final of 13.74-1 .

My bike and I am sure many more will not be exactly at 12.7-1 compression ratio . That is due to machining tolerances , torque values , head gasket thickness variations and so on . Not all bikes have the exact same HP levels from the factory . Some roll and some troll .

I've never even seen that bike, but its one bad b*tch
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