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Round 5 at Zhuhai complete and I’m still to unleash the testosterone accumulated!!!

Last weekend saw the 5th round of the China Championship at Zhuhai. Unlike the previous round, the weather was a little kinder and we had full dry conditions on Saturday with temperatures around the 30’s and overcast and a little cooler on Sunday for the race.

This was the first time I had used my carbon wheels in anger and along with the new cartridge kit from Traxxion Dynamics I was ready for blood. This was of course if I was fit enough, I spent the previous Wednesday Thursday and Friday sick with the flu.

A little bit of tinkering with the ride height and the front forks and she was a gowa!!!

I didn’t notice anything at the front end once underway and putting in respectable lap times the front tire felt totally plated. All I had to concentrate was traction at the rear which was a little lacking.

The wheels are absolutely fantastic, I was running rings round fast R6’s in the slow corners, inviting them to come inside of me and then cut back again on the exit. Inside my helmet I was rubbing my hands together with glee!!!:D

As I said before I was having a lot of trouble with traction at the rear wheel however I am sure I can read up on that and make an attempt at fixing it before the next round.

This was the first time I had ridden this track in the dry and the 3 fast corners are fast!!!!!!! 2 out of the 3 are totally smooth on the exit so they invite you to go faster and faster…. Lots of fun, apart for one poor chap who lost it on the first lap of the first race. I don’t think they were going to bother picking up his bike bits, jus torch the whole lot. He was alright though.

Race 1 and I was hanging on to (what I call) the lead pack, that was until I put it into the gravel at turn 1 on the last lap whilst under pressure from a whipper snapper R6, We had built up quite a lead and so by the time I was back on the track I hand only lost one place.

Race 2 was really good, similar position to the first (9th) however lots of position changing and very loose bikes. I canna get over those fast corners, loads n loads of fun………..

Zhao won the event and with that the championship. For qualifying he beat his personal best by 2.5 seconds putting in a staggering 1.38.7. He wouldn't reveal what he had done to the bike, The only noticable difference was a new Harris tripple clamp. (Zhao said the forks were "walking" under the brakes). We are all sure there is somthing a bit fishy and it's wasn't just the tripple clamp....... Don't get me wrong, i'm not taking anything away from the guy, definately the fastest on the track.......:thumb:

On a slightly different note, I have been training for the Marathon in Beijing next year, with that I bought one of those watches that measures your heart rate and tells you how fit you were/are etc.

Of course I have to use it:

§ On the treadmill
§ On the job
§ On the bike

My maximum heart rate achievable on a (push) bike was 171 bpm. I thought I was gonna die when I did this. My maximum heart rate measured during a 10 lap race at Zhuahi was 185bpm, I can only assume that this was the adrenalin which gave me an increased ability to maintain a high heart rate.

There is also a function (EPOC) which tells you the training effect of the exercise you have just done. The red line is a 7.5km run on the treadmill which took me 39 minutes. The blue line is my heart rate during the race at Zhuhai with a little bit of time in the pits before hand.

You can now understand why you are so tired after a race!!

More from Dr Corsta Will next week.

Phots of the weekend to come once they are posted.
:thumb: :thumb:


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The marshals were running round it as if it was a swimming pool edge. My front wheel ended up in it, ney chance of getting it out on my own, especially whilst trying to hang onto the clutch.:D
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