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YSR50 - beginner bike??

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Just wondering if anyone knows anything about the Yamaha YSR50 and whether or not it would make a good first bike.

How does a bike with only 50cc's perfrom?


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That is the first "sportbike" i ever rode, a brand new 1987 model back when i was in Highschool.

Its a great fun bike, more of a novelty, but ill tell ya , you can throw a new sprocket on one, with a pipe, jet kit and filter and it will do 75 mph. Pretty impressive for a 50cc bike.

Also, they may LOOK uncomfortable, but they are very well designed and you actually "fit" onto the bike pretty well.

You can ride them around anywhere no probs, just remember they are harder to see than a full sized bike.

If i had the opportunity to own one i would. They are a great little bike, fun and simple.

Fear Green.

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i don't really think it's very suitable for u.s. roads. neat as heck though.


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