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Ok you bunch a thick cants .... we need some ideas of YP .. Yellow Peril just doesn't cut it anymore I'm afraid ..

1. Keeping with the theme ...
Red Mist
Red Barron (kinda like that one)

2. Getting personal ..
Uncle Red

3. Even more personal ...
Red Bindit (get it .. red .... bin'ed it)

4. Other
Captain Scarlet

Other suggestions please, then we'll go for a vote .... unless of course he comes up with one first ....

Team Yamaha !!!!

Fark .. what a bunch of Legends if ever there was ....

Tweety (I think I've met my match for story telling), YP (nice leathers man, and it will be interesting to see how much speed you'll get out of your new toy when you get comfortable with it), Silva (bloody nice can bro, I could hear it on the start grid !!).

Can I please ask that all non-yamaha riders please park their pieces of crap in another pit garage next race meet ... thanks lads.

With love always,

Your Legend xxx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts