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This Wild card team will consist of BGs 2 Riders Huang Shi Zhao and HE Zi Xian riding Yamahas TZ250 GP machines.
Testing commenced on the morning of 14/4/05 with Japan’s Top 250 GP Yamaha rider Yukoi san riding shotgun with the 2 Chinese riders Huang Shi Zhao and HE Zi Xian.
At the start of testing Huang posted a 2.17 and HE a 2.19 but by the second day Huang was down to 2.14 and HE 2.16, Yukoi san was posting a blistering 2.12 lap time so still some ways to go.
Nice to see a new country taking part and just imagine how those boys will feel lining up on the grid come race day.
Makes a change from the attitude that prevails else where in Asia, no support from industry and no ride wants to finish way down the field just to get experience.


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