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Daytona Beach, March 10, 2006,— Yamaha’s Jamie Hacking used a classic draft pass on teammate Jason DiSalvo to claim the Superstock victory on a sunny Thursday afternoon at Daytona International Speedway. From the Superstock podium Hacking jumped straight on his Yamaha R6 and nearly swept both races by finishing a close second in the Supersport race.

Eric Bostrom, the third member of the Yamaha team, suffered a clutch failure early in the Superstock race and was forced to withdraw.

In the 13-lap Superstock final, the veteran Hacking led across the stripe to begin the final lap before Disalvo took over the lead going into turn one. Once DiSalvo was in front, Hacking drew on his nine years of Daytona experience to size up his teammate for the all-important run from the back straight chicane, through the 31 degree banking of NASCAR turns three and four, and down to the checkered flag at the peak of the Daytona tri-oval.

Hacking timed it perfectly, winning his first ever professional race at Daytona by a mere .072 seconds. The win was also Yamaha’s first in the Daytona Superstock race and a sterling debut for the new Yamaha YZF-R1 LE.

Traffic in the final stages of the 22-lap Supersport race kept Hacking from making a last lap assault on race leader Roger Lee Hayden of Kawasaki. But he was able to pass Kawasaki’s Tommy Hayden to take the runner-up position.

Jamie Hacking, 1st Place, Superstock

“My main focus was to win that race and I just sat behind (Jason DiSalvo). I just let him do his thing and I did my thing and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Went on to the last lap there, it was perfect clear lap, went into the chicane, he headed off in there and I figured he was going to stop coming out. He lit it up. I let him go. That was it, it was over. I just breathed it a little bit on the banking and said, ‘You mine, sucker.’ I said, ‘This is over right here. I’m putting this one in the bank.’ If I have to hit that (Supercross track) triple-jump going on the front straightaway in the dirt, I’m going to go across the line in there. He dove down to the inside. I said I’m going to go on underneath. I did. I dove in underneath there and like I said it felt good to come cross that start-finish line with that checkered flag waving right across in front of me. Felt good.”

Jason DiSalvo, 2nd Superstock

“It was a good race. I don’t know if I would have done anything different. It was just kind of a roll of a dice there at the end, the last lap. I blame myself because I left the door open a little at the bottom. And I know all about shutting doors here at Daytona. I was coming into the tri-oval and I was like, ‘I haven’t seen Jamie (Hacking) yet, so I think I’ve got this one.’ Then it was like, “I got second.’ It was that fast. It was a good race and it was cool for Yamaha to go one-two. That draft was perfect. So congrats to him and we’ll just mark that down in our notebooks and look forward to next year.”

Jamie Hacking, 2nd Supersport

“I definitely gave it away. I don’t have anything else to say, really, other than the bike worked really well. Roger (Hayden) rode a great race, so did Tommy (Hayden). I had a couple of moments where I lost the front a little bit and kind of backed off and didn’t feel quite comfortable with what was happening. Rog kind of got really aggressive there in the lappers and he knew what he had to do to kind of get him a good gap and he did a good job and played it out right and when I was backing off he was getting a little more aggressive. So I lost the race right there.”

Keith McCarty, Team Manager

“I think the guys have really been working hard, putting in a lot of late hours. And it’s truly great to come down to this race and have it all pay off. It’s the biggest race of the year for most of us. Daytona is Daytona, so you really want to put your best foot forward, but without putting a lot of pressure on people. It’s on the first of many races for the year. I’m really happy for them because it shows their race and dedication and everything went pretty flawless. We had a problem with Eric’s bike in Superstock. That’s racing. You don’t like it when it happen, but it does. Jamie and Jason did a good job. Very close, very nerve-wracking for me for that many laps to have them that close. What a great experience. A great way to start the week and the season.”
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