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Wow!!! Check this out!!!!!

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I saw this posted on

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wow thats a pretty sweet bike.. although i dont like the headlights too much but hey i would be able to look past that lol

'99 gsxr 750 with some nice scratches on the left side oops lol
ooog (thumping chest) me like

change the green and silver then it would be perfect. those amber things look like thrusters.

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That's pretty cool lookin! I bet people would complain about the area where the headlights mount. If you remember the Etzel, people complained about that looking like a female body part. Which means I really like it.

You get the best thrills on two wheels!
Tell me that's not the first time you boys have seen the Benelli prototype. :rolleyes:

That thing's been in the mags for about two years now. ;)

Those rear "fans" are pretty neat looking. The radiator arrangement is pretty neat if it actually works as well as the engineers say it should. Roberts struggled with a similar concept on the Modenas GP bike. I think that is comparing apples and oranges though.

That thing has the coolest stock turn signals made. :)

I have a spot available in my garage for one if they want to introduce it to the American public. :D


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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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