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Our bike club did a charity bike ride and are selling raffle tickets for some awesome prizes.
1st prize brand new Kawasaki on the road.
(Should be ZX-6, so long as enough dosh is raised.)
Other prizes include an OGK Aeroblade lid and 2 pairs of race gloves, donated by those damn good eggs at u-biker.
And Chris Walker (Who is drawing the first prize for us on Dec 10th) has donated the leathers he wore at Brands for the last round of the WSBK.
We also have various other leathers, boots and lids,etc etc. Around 60 prizes in all. Price for the tickets are £2 each, maybe a little expensive because we have to buy (at cost price) the Kawasaki, before the rest of the money goes to our chosen charities (Local School of Autistic kids and a central charity fund that distributes to good causes through out Lincs,Cambs area) All other prizes are kindly donated, and £2 will seem like a bloody bargain if you win any of them!!
If anyone is interested in purchasing tickets please e-mail me: Lee at: [email protected]
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