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Whoops - this goes to 'Tires?' . . .

Well I ride my bike everywhere I go, a diligent commuter. Austin, TX is also the 'hill country'.
> I ride the roads fast and hard; this one road, Nameless Rd, is a very very fast, long sweeping beauty, some corners have a little bank to em', so I have taken 70+MPH:barf: : I can do more, but not just ready to risk it. (very clean road)
-----Google -Nameless Rd, Texas 78641
> Another Road, off of Volente beach, resembles Nurburgring Nordschleife race track, hair-pin corners, and a fast straight-a-way at the end: down-side its right on Lake Austin and has million dolar mansions being rebuilt, so this road is dying out b/c of construction sand & shit. (moderately clean, loads of fun):thumb:
-----Google -lime creek, Texas 78641
> There is also 2222, Bullick Hollow, City Park Rd, Spicewood Springs, 1431, Crystal Falls, Sam Bass, 2244, Oasis, CR-401A. Thats about it
> I probably race around 17-20 Hours a week
> Im toning it down for the winter, b/c I dont want to buy the right gear, and that Im going to polish that signature large buell frame.:topic:
> Y'all dont understand how much Im relying on your posts, I my tyres are dying
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