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Oh, I almost forgot about this place. I don't even know if I can remember how to post ;)

So thought I'd say hi as a few folks sent me emails asking if I was still alive :) What did I miss the past few months?

A good friend broke her back (thank God no spinal injury) and should be no permanent damage so I haven't been to into riding much lately. Between all the wrecks this year, the fact that my girlfriends last boyfriend was lost to a motorcycle accident, and my own ankle breaking incident, I haven't been to into street riding. Hoping to get onto the track real soon, I passed up an opportunity to race on an endurance team even, due to lack of interest in riding after my friend broke her back.

My girld who earlier scoffed when she heard others mention riding wheelies with their girlfriends on the back, is now a wheelie freak, or slowly becoming one :) On the 4th of July we went out to check the fireworks and had our all time best wheelie. 1st, 2nd, and came down in 3rd on the ole gixxer. Now that she hangs onto me clasping her hands around my waist, it's very stable. It all started when it accidentally happened one day, so I asked what she thought, she replied with, "that was fun!" So now, pending no cars around, and a straight open road, we lift it up putting around town :) I wonder what two up riding 3 foot+ high wheelies on my bike looks like :)
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