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I think that the 900SS looks much better with this frame and engine exposed!
Can't you just remove the lower fairing from yours?


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Best Naked

I thought everyone knew the best Naked Bike was a ZRX 1100/1200!!?? :D

What I Love about it.....GOBS of HP and Torque (Wheelie Monster)
HUGE amount of storage under seat (you ca
n fit a Gallon of milk under the seat if you s
witch to pods, no shit!!)
Best retro look out there
Best looking fairing (doesn't look de-tached
from the bike)
Best website (the ZRXOA) and riding with all
the ZRXOA Hooligans!
Best "History" (Eddie Lawson Replica)
Best Bang for the Buck! (reasonably priced)
Handles good for a large bike
Did I mention it has GOBS of HP and

Things I'd change.......Engine a little Buzzy but not extreme
No center stand
Spin-on oil filter would be nice

Other than that it's the most entertaining, good looking (I love the Naked look) Naked bike out there IMHOP.
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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