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I'm doing alittle research, and i want to know if you could build your own dream bike, how would you build it?

What color?
What graffics? if any?
What size engine?
How many cylinders?
Would you have ram air?
Would it have a single or double sided swing arm?
Would it have single, double, triple head lights?
Would you build a Pinto $$$ so people could afford it or would build a Ferrari so the rich and famous could only enjoy?
What ever else that you could dream up, please let me know, thanks...

send pics or drawings if you have them?
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Dream bike

I guess I'am guilty for accepting a dream already developed and tested altho I'am doing my share of testing now. I've got a Futura and I really like it A LOT! We have a few desires... A richer sound, 1/2" higher bars perhaps, rear shock which doesn't crap out at 8000 miles, remote headlite adjuster, maybe an extra 10 HP (tho... stock sure ain't bad), a more accurate fuel gauge, a bit more room under the seat, a rear hugger fender, a few carbon-fiber bits, a tinted screen. Thats about it from me as well as ideas from other owners I'am in touch with. This unit goes, handles and stops better than any bike I've yet owned. I'am glad I chose it over the Honda Interceptor! :cool:

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Since it's a dream bike

How about a Desmosedici street bike with reliability to match the HP? Besides that I already own it, my Ducati 916 that I've wanted since I was 15

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Would a worked RS250 be too much to ask?

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Dream Bike/Reality not quite yet.

I have the basic bike just sorting out the rest of the bits.

03 RSVR Edwards basic bike.
Fully clear coated fairing ( as it should have been from factory )
Valtermoto WSB rear sets and Race Shift.
EVO Race air box kit.
Volt ign + Wires IR plugs.
57mm billet ram tubes.
Barnet clutch kit + Evo billet slave.
USB Power commander + dyno tune.
Carbon brake pads+ radial MS, wave rotors.
Ohlins suspension upgrade F&R.
Full head port and flow, cams dialed.Blue printed engine.

Would love Carbon wheels but OZ roads not to kind. end result should be interesting a work in progress!

Safe Rides!
:D :D

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Dream bike

I own a Futura and it is pretty close to my dream bike. I've owned ~20 bikes and ridden a lot more (from Goldwing to XX to CBR400RR to shadow) , so I am getting closer.

Color: Blue, minimal graphics
Displacement: 990cc or greater (GP rules) with 120-150 HP
Engine Config: V-twin or V-4 (crowd pleasing exhaust note)
Ram Air is not necessary
Single Swingarm (on the fr also would be nice a la Honda NAS)
Hard lockable Bags that don't detract from styling and easy to remove
Underseat storage
~200 mile range on tank of gas
Dual headlights, but really, just make them bright and I don't care if it has 1 or 10.
Heated grips & seat (plus)
LED tail lights
center stand

Weight: low 500 pounds or high 400 pounds without fuel
Some exclusivity (not everyone owns one is a plus/exotic)

Price $12-15k

There you go. Make it and they will come...

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Fun question...

I'll list the characteristics my dream bike would have:

-Full Ohlins race-spec suspension
-Carbon Fiber 5-spoke wheels
-Inline 4 or V-twin, putting out at least 135HP at the wheels.
-Single-sided swingarm
-Underseat exhaust
-Race-style bodywork with "stealth" headlights, almost unseen.
-Under 400lbs. w/ a full tank of gas.

I guess my dream bike would be a street-legal, race-prepped bike with the handling of a works Ducati and the "light" weight of a 600 supersport. Simple request, I know. :rolleyes: However, it looks like KTM's new RC8 may be exactly what I've been waiting for?

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mine would be of Engine 1,520 cc (93 cu in) liquid cooled SOHC flat-6
71 mm bore × 64 mm stroke
Compression ratio 9.8:1
Power 100 hp (75 kW) @ 6,000 rpm
Torque 130 N·m (96 ft·lbf) @ 5,000 rpm
Transmission Five-speed, shaft drive
Suspension Front: 45 mm inverted fork, 130 mm travel
Rear: Dual shock, preload adjustable, 120 mm travel
Brakes Front: Dual 296 mm floating discs, 2-piston calipers
Rear: Single 316 mm disc, 2-piston caliper
Tires Front: 150/80R-17
Rear: 180/70R-16
Wheelbase 1,690 mm (67 in)
Seat height 735 mm (28.9 in)
Weight 300 kg (660 lb) (dry)
Fuel capacity 20 L (4.4 imp gal; 5.3 US gal).
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