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I'm doing alittle research, and i want to know if you could build your own dream bike, how would you build it?

What color?
What graffics? if any?
What size engine?
How many cylinders?
Would you have ram air?
Would it have a single or double sided swing arm?
Would it have single, double, triple head lights?
Would you build a Pinto $$$ so people could afford it or would build a Ferrari so the rich and famous could only enjoy?
What ever else that you could dream up, please let me know, thanks...

send pics or drawings if you have them?
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oohhhh, I could type so much for this, but I'll keep it short.

Vtwin, around 1200 displacement


extended double swing arm

one small blinding bright light

and I'd probably just let good old jesse james wing it from there. :D :D :D :D

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First, I'd start with Valentino Rossi's RC211V.

I'd rip off that lame exhaust and stick on something nice and loud like maybe a Two Bro's pipe and then I'd get to work on the fuel injection. I think Power Commander has an after market control for it.:D

Seriously though, for me, I have two perfect bikes:

Race Bike - GSXR 600 bluprinted and tuned specifically for the track. Paint wouldn't be priority.

My second bike would be for the street. I'd like to take my Bandit 1200 and give it a total street fighter makeover. I'd bore the engine and pump it for every HP I could (Max I've seen is 160). I'd add a mid fairing to the existing stock bikini then work on the seat. I'd go with a solo seat with the cowling that slants up behind the seat (I'ts a little hard to visualize, but trust me it looks very slick). I'd replace the current aftermarket exhust I have with a custom one-off dual pipe that followed the contour of the seat and exited under the cowling which would point it up at a 35 - 60 deg angle. This would do two things: look very cool and be very loud. As for the paint, maybe something Scottish, for my ancestry. Like a Claymoor (no not the land mine) in full regalia getting ready to swing his Halberd, or whatever you call the long pole with the axe head on the end. Behind him I'd have the carcasses of several different sportbikes laying in pieces like he'd cut through them.

Oh, perchance to dream


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Tribal graphics in a dark metallic grey, hard to notice.
4 Cylinders, V-four configuration
Ram Air = Yes
Single sided Swingarm
3 Lights, cat eye headlights with both having 1 lowbeam bulb, and in the center a highbeam, hard to notice when it's not on.
Rare, expensive, but cheap parts to replace stuff should something happen.
Fuel injected
Highmount stickerless akrapovic evolution titanium full system.
Stylish undertail.
Rim mounted carbon fiber brake rotors.
Two seats, not connected, comfortable. Seemless cowl for passenger seat.
Gas Guage
Stock flushmount turn signals, perhaps they could be invisible till actually blinking.
Nitrous Oxide system, switch on right handlebar under start button with a fliplid cover. Hidden cannister, about the size for one good shot.
Switch for turning off all lights, and retracting liscense plate at the same time.
All I can think of at the moment.

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I'd just like to see a 1300cc v-twin sportsbike. Something that could race in a series with R1's and gsxr1000's.

I'd buy a TL-1300R.

Also I'd have a V4 500cc two stroke if they were still street legal (as a second bike). Not practical but good fun!
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