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What is a 'blip'?

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I know riders blip the throttle when braking/downshifting. Ive seen it done and have been told to do it, but how?? I can downshift 1 gear right..I think I can, but if I have to downshift 2-3 gears while braking hard; the first gear is OK, but each consecutive gear afterwards and the tire locks and slides a bit....this isn't too cool. I don't use my rear brake, at least not at this stage of the game. I have even found even when I am done downshifting the gear I want to be in needs to be blipped or I have to trailbrake to settle to that speed. I want to be a lot smoother when I start to tip my bike in. I have heard of only engaging clutch halfway when bipping throttle?????????????????????


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ive been downshifting then bring the rpm way up (like a big blip or sumthin) to release the clutch.. i dont dump it.. i ease it out in 1 fluid motion. ive been experimenting w/releasing the clutch after every downshift to maximize engine breaking but im not real comfortable yet.

try using more rpm when u blip.. if the rear is sliding & locking then the engine speed is not matching the wheel speed & its more than likely to slow (so u need to blip it more).. if the engine was to fast then the bike may wheelie, or bog, or spin.

i have not heard of the 1/2 clutch method.. it may work but im pretty sure it would be hard on the clutch.

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