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What do you do for a living?

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I work at a grocery warehouse that services 8 mega grocery stores,and about two dozen medium to small stores.I work on the Dry side as opposed to Dairy,Frozen,Meat or Produce and its about 500,000 square feet.I drive whats called a Narrow Aile(sp?)Fork Truck,its a stand up,battery powered fork that weighs in at 9900lbs with the battery.The stores that we supply are called "The Real Canadian Superstore".Apparently,there are 2-3 superstores opening this year in BC.I`ve been working there full-time since march 14 1989,and get 4 weeks paid holidays a year and will be getting 5 weeks paid holidays in another 2 years. 98TLR-"Better Predator Than Prey"

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Before going into the Air Force (starting at age 15) I did web page design. I was on the net making web pages from day one. I remember when NCSA Mosaic 0.9 beta came out, before netscape, IE, etc. I got hired by a real estate company and was making 15 an hour when I started, and was making between 30-50 an hour when I left for UT Austin. Man I was a fool, I got burned out, so stopped doing web design. Left school for the Air Force as school was not where I wanted to be.

I got out of the Air Force about 8 months ago. I was stationed at the Pentagon where I was a crypto tech/network tech/computer know it all.

Been working in Austin, TX at Broadwing Communications the past 7 months and liking it for the most part. I started as a voice switch tech (DMS250, DEX600, Alcatel 1630/31/33, ECS1, etc). I pretty much mastered those in no time flat (I pick stuff up fast) and have now moved on to data switching. Using Newbridge Mainstreet in the world of ATM/Frame relay now. Building circuits in the system for Broadwing's backbone and internal communication. Fun stuff, always love learning more and more.

Great thread, very cool to hear what everyone does.
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rob.. could i get that in English please... j/k sounds like a cool thing.. id like to get in web design also but dont know where to start. i did sign up for begining comp. programming courses also.. just to see if i like that

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