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What do you do for a living?

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I work at a grocery warehouse that services 8 mega grocery stores,and about two dozen medium to small stores.I work on the Dry side as opposed to Dairy,Frozen,Meat or Produce and its about 500,000 square feet.I drive whats called a Narrow Aile(sp?)Fork Truck,its a stand up,battery powered fork that weighs in at 9900lbs with the battery.The stores that we supply are called "The Real Canadian Superstore".Apparently,there are 2-3 superstores opening this year in BC.I`ve been working there full-time since march 14 1989,and get 4 weeks paid holidays a year and will be getting 5 weeks paid holidays in another 2 years. 98TLR-"Better Predator Than Prey"

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I am a Business Systems Consultant for Wells Fargo Servicing.
What I do mostly is coordinate all the computer folks and business users to get networked systems upgraded, tested, and installed. I act as the key business user to the systems folks, and act as the key systems person to the business users (translator).
My co-workers think all I do is look at the dozen pictures of family and bike in my cubicle all day. They might be right... :D

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