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What do you do for a living?

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I work at a grocery warehouse that services 8 mega grocery stores,and about two dozen medium to small stores.I work on the Dry side as opposed to Dairy,Frozen,Meat or Produce and its about 500,000 square feet.I drive whats called a Narrow Aile(sp?)Fork Truck,its a stand up,battery powered fork that weighs in at 9900lbs with the battery.The stores that we supply are called "The Real Canadian Superstore".Apparently,there are 2-3 superstores opening this year in BC.I`ve been working there full-time since march 14 1989,and get 4 weeks paid holidays a year and will be getting 5 weeks paid holidays in another 2 years. 98TLR-"Better Predator Than Prey"

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First of all, I have to know what is Kyle going to do after college? Just a suggestion, but I hear brokage firms pay big $$$ for people who can calculate bond values on the floor quickly. Just a thought.

As for me, I screwed up and took accounting in school. I'm an internal auditor for the Department of Army (which means a civilian, I didn't go that Army route). Most of my career as been auditing Logistics Information Systems for the Army. The pay sucks (but gets better), the medical benefits are not as good as you'd think (we'll meet you half way I think is their motto) but the retirement is real good. That I get to see new and exciting places, Ft. Drum, NY, Ft. Bragg, NC, and Ft. Lee, VA to name a few.


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