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what bike should i get?

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ok im not big into cruisers. heres my deal

i ride sportbikes, but i need sumthin for long trips and takin the hunny on those (she rides the zx6r for about 4 hours and is toast) so....

i really like vrods, my neighbor has one. i ride it sometimes. its fast, comfortable, and fun. but #1 it costs wayyy too much, and #2 he bought it brand new, and i swear he has it in the shop every other week for sumthin. i dont want that

i kinda like sportster 1200's they look cool, but i want a 2000+ and ive found some in the 6k range, but they only have like 61 hp and my zx6r has like

so i need some help, im not too up on jap cruisers. whats good for what i want? i dont want a big bagger, i dont want a fat hog, i want a somewhat agile, quick, comfortable cruiser that i can cruise and still have fun. i hear stuff about the vtx, vstar, stuff like that. anybody, if you can enlighten me on some bikes let me know. oh yeah, and i see you can get some of these bikes like brand new under 8g, serious? i might just buy a brand new one!
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Well, I'm biased, but I love the VTX1300.

I've got the 'C' model and it's a blast to ride. I had a set of Cobra Speedster shorty pipes put on it (they make them now in 3"!), a Kuryaken (sp?) hypercharger, and a jet kit to match (installed at the dealership) and it runs like a champ.

Of course, they make a VTX1800 in a 'C' now, and those look good, but they're too big for my taste.

I'll sell you my 2004 for 8 grand! Then I'll convince the wife to take the YZF and I'll go looking for something new!

Suzuki makes a 95ci bike that looks great too, but it also looks pretty heavy. Called the M95. Kawasaki makes the Marauder I think, a 1600cc bike that also looks good.

The VMax is a Yamaha offering that appeals to me, looks sort of like a cruiser, runs like a scalded dog, appears to be comfortable.

About the only one of these that can be had for 8 grand is the VTX1300. If you're anywhere near me, I wouldn't mind a bit if you wanted to test ride it, just for comparison basis. Good luck!
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actually my sis lives in verona KY. dont know if thats by you at all but i go down there a lot.

anyways, ive done a lot of research, and i went to the dealer today. i looked at the vtx1300c, it was pretty sweet they only had one of the "c" ones left, he said 9500 out the door, brand new, gray color. thats a little high.

what i really want, i think, is a kawi vulcan mean streak 1600 from 2004 in the green color. WOW! its freakin awesome. i looked up reviews, and it was decent. the vtx1800 was 2nd behind the vrod (but im not buyin a freakin vrod) but yeah i really like the looks of that mean streak.

and literally, if you are interested in selling, i might be serious, if you were serious.

the victory hammers are sweet, specially with the fat back tire, but they got so-so reviews.

im thinking either a 2004 mean streak 1600 (only in green!) or a 2004 vtx1300c, like what you have, they are pretty sweet.

the salesman was tryin to pitch me a honda shadow spirit 750 with a pretty sweet custom paint job, but i couldnt justify buying that bike, even though it was 6400 out the door.....if im gettin a cruiser im gettin a bad @$$ bike!

would you be interested at all in a partial trade for my 2000 zx6r? im gettin rid of the sport bike completely for a year, and riding a cruiser for a while. let me know if u were serious at all about sellin your bike, cause im gonna go down to my sisters soon (maybe in time to hit up kings island still) and i can stop by or meet you somewhere and check it out. thanks a lot for your input though
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Hey dude, hit me with an email at [email protected].

Just remove the NOSPAM. I'll let you know more, as I'll have to involve my wife. You see, she's been riding the VTX and we're looking to get rid of her VLX600.

Hit me with a mail and we'll stop spamming the boards. :)
If you like the mean streak, check out the roadstar warrior. Bad ass bike. Well for a cruiser.
Also look at the Vmax. Its a yamaha V4 cruiser. The chassis hasnt been changed much since conception, but eveyone seems to think they got it right the first time..
2 that i like

i ride a gixxer 600 but if i was looking for a power cruiser
it would be either the yamaha warrior or the kawi mean streak.
warrior is belt driven 4 valve pushrod air cooled 1700cc, the other is 8 valve cam driven liquid cooled 1600 shaft drive.
im partial to the yamaha's aluminum frame.
yeah i wanted the warrior, but its hard to find those cheap around for some reason

i want this dang 04 mean streak 1600 green color i found for 6500 bucks, but i dont have the money right now....kinda sucks

if i got the warrior, i want that all black one (i dont know if its a raven edition, but it looks like it) thats pretty tight

i havent looked into the vmax too much, it doesnt seem like the "sport cruiser" style as much
I wouldn't ever classify my Sport as passenger friendly; fast enough for a cruiser, but too small for 2 riders. If vrod is out of the question, try a VTX1300.
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