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What are motorcycles good for?

Alright, I’ve always had a casual interest in motorcycles and finally took the BRC and earned my motorcycle endorsement but now I’m at an impasse. While I think motorcycles are cool, alternative, and all that good stuff, I can’t figure out what I would actually do with a motorcycle, especially a supersport, which is the only style I’m interested in riding.

Without even considering the greater inherent risk on a motorcycle (which is a significant variable), I’m having trouble justifying owning one. I can’t use it for work, since I need the capability of a truck for my job as a construction manager. I can’t chauffeur my family to our obligations, since car booster seats don’t easily attach. I don’t feel secure parking it at university during class, since they are so easily stolen. I can’t even use it to pick up groceries, since there doesn't seem to be much cargo capability on the cycle.

I've considered the ideal use for these machines is on a racetrack. In public, their best use seems to be transportation of a single rider with at most a backpack of cargo between facilities with secured parking. In my case, I could ride it from our garage at home to flight class and park it in the aircraft hanger. But then I would be restricted in what I could do both before and after class.

I see other riders on these motorcycles either out joyriding with friends or commuting to work. I don’t have the time to joyride and my job precludes using a motorcycle for my commute.

While I am attracted to the idea of riding an F4, GSX-R, CBR, or ZX10R, I feel I can’t justify such a purchase. Are supersports really just idle people’s playthings? They don’t seem to have much practical function off the race track. At this point, I’m tempted to buy a Porsche 911 or BMW M3. At least these cars would have some practical use while being sporting. Please correct me if my analysis is flawed.

I’d like to understand from owners how they actually use these motorcycles as well as what their inherent limitations are.

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