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I prefer it over Greco-Roman. Oh you mean stunting on mx courses. Well it is far better then stunting with a sportbike on public highways ALSO it can be amoney making way as some have hauled in good money.

Still one sad case was a chap that worked out in our gym & in great shape was probably the best MXer in our area decided he was making good money at "free-style" & this was going to be his way.

Something went wrong with his bike so bummed another stunters, bike at they event only it was not close to what he was using. Seems there was a dirt ramp to a wall of wood & dirt with the take-off from there. The borrowed bike did not make the wooden wall & he broke his back quite seriously. Sad thing is he has never ridden a m/c since & simply has not even got the drive in him to work out slowly at the gym.

Still people have done worse in street stunting & not immediate medical service like this chap received, nor what one has at most legal races.

Was just kidding about Greco-Roman for it is a form of Amateur Wrestling with basic being called Free-Style.
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