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Check out the club above. We ride every weekend to the south towns (south western new york), where I live. Great roads, twisties only bested by Deals gap! we have members form Erie, PA to Toronto Canada. We plan numerous rides every weekend, track days, group get aways. It's a good group to ride with and explore WNY and WPa. Typically our rides are around 200 to 300 miles and you can cut off at any time. We ride at a good pace. Speed limit or just above in towns, and yet we wick it up on the back roads where we can safely. There are all kinds of bikes that join us. Our riders ages vary, from 21 up to 60 something...

So e-mail me direct if you have any questions. But check out the club and lets get together and ride!

Cheers... Mike

[email protected]
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