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I'm looking to add people to the list I have started of all the riders in the NH and MA area.

For awhile now I have been looking for a group or club to join that does group rides, events, etc. The ones that I have found do not appeal to me or just isnt local enough to contribute. Therefore I have decided to start something on my own.

I have taking an excel sheet and started collecting names and email addresses of people that ride in this area. If you're intrested in meeting new people/riders, then you want to be on this list!!! I'll be taking all the email address to create a distrubution list where we all can cordinate with each other for where and whens.

There will be no fees or rules or anything. Just a source to organize group rides and events with your local riders.

Please send me a private message with the following information:

name, dob, location, ph#, email, bike make and model.
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