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A sportbike rider missed a curve and was killed yesterday, 1/1/06. I couldn't tell what kind of bike it was from the video. I think it was a CBR. He was one of three killed on our roads yesterday. Here is the article from today's paper.

The third person to die was a motorcyclist in his mid-20s.

About 2:30 p.m., he was westbound on state Route 147, which is the continuation of East Lake Mead Boulevard, when he lost control of his motorcycle while rounding a curve a couple of miles east of Los Feliz Street, Honea said.

The motorcyclist wound up in a rocky trench alongside of the road, and though he was wearing a helmet, he suffered several internal injuries, Honea said.

There were no obvious indications that alcohol was involved, Honea said.

Investigators suspect the driver was going too fast to handle the curve, the trooper said.

"We had a similar motorcycle fatality in that exact same spot on December 4. The tire tracks for the two were only about a foot apart," Honea said. "It is a negotiable, well-marked curve, however."

The man's name and hometown are expected to be released within a couple of days, he said.
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