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Any out there yet?
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Ahhh good a post that might be able to help me out. I'm starting out in the bike world and torn between Sportbikes and Cruisers. I love the laid back feeling and look of cruiser but at the same time I love power and handling sportbikes offer. So my choices for first bike are always bouncing back and forth. I narrowed it down to a sv650s or a V Star Custom. Could any body offer any insight which would be a better to start off on? (I know it's basicly two differant worlds but I'm really bogged down with this, so any help at all would be great.)
If you're like me you'll probably want both. If you've done any off-roading on motorcycles or quads you'll have no problem making the transition to street. For me I couldn't decide between the 180HP Yamaha R1 or the Vstar 1100 Classic. I went with "more practical" cruiser because I would probably use the bike to commute to work and didn't want to be wiped out when I go there. On a cruiser you can relax, sit back and enjoy the scenery. On a sport bike you may be tempted to dart around with all that power and agility (I know I would). Also, anything longer than an hour ride and I'm sure your neck and back will ache. I'm having a blast on the 1100 cruiser but I still have my eye on those R1s. Once my bank account fills up I'll try to add that to the collection because I do like both bikes.
I got a vstar 650 custom just this past summer, and its been an awsome first bike. I have no previous riding experience, except for the training program I took. I found it to be the perfect starter bike, but I got it mostly because it seems like everyone that is younger(under 25ish) has sport bikes, so I wanted to be a bit different. My bike gets me tons of attention, and nobody beleive me that its only a 650. I highly recommend it:thumb:
this is off topic but does anyone know if it would be possible to put Springer forks on a V-star? i suppose anythings possible, but would it be a major feat?

Any opinions on the new VS950? It has been getting good reviews and really has caught my eye. I have been thinking of moving on a Limited with the shield and bags. Does a 950 have enough go to carry two up? My wife is small but I am pushing 200.
Hi there looby dubby!

Wow thats really interesting. Thnx for sharing!
21 - 26 of 26 Posts
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