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Using a motorcycle as a lethal weapon...

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This article appeared recently in my hometown newspaper. Hmmm, I wonder if he did it on purpose.

Husband is charged with homicide

Nearly a month after striking and killing his wife with his motorcycle, a Labadieville man was arrested last week and charged in her death.

Richard Demoruelle, 38, has been charged with vehicular homicide, driving while intoxicated, driving left of the center line and having no motorcycle endorsement, Sgt. Bert A. Bolt of the Louisiana State Police said.

Bolt said Demoruelle left the Wagon Wheel Lounge in Labadieville in the early morning hours of June 5 and headed west on La. 1247. About a mile and a half from the lounge, he crossed into the left-hand lane and struck a woman walking alongside the road. The woman was his wife, who had left the lounge earlier.

Christie D. Demoruelle, 43, died at Thibodaux Regional Medical Center, Bolt said. Richard Demoruelle was hospitalized for a broken jaw, dislocated shoulder and other injuries. He was released a few days later.

"Due to the circumstances, we are viewing this as a fatality accident," Bolt said.

Bolt said several factors have made the investigation a difficult one. The lighting at the site of the accident was poor, which would have made it hard for Demoruelle to see anyone walking near the road. Demoruelle was also travelling at a high speed and had to cross over a railroad track.

It is possible that Demoruelle did not see his wife before he hit her, Bolt said.

There were also conflicting statements from witnesses who saw the couple at the Wagon Wheel that night, however.

"Some people said they saw them fighting and some said everything was fine," Bolt said.

Bolt said he had no knowledge of the Demoruelles having domestic problems.

Christie Demoruelle's mother, Shirley Brown, also said she was not aware of any conflicts her daughter might have had with her husband.

"I knew he wasn't exactly right to her, but I wasn't aware if he was abusive," Brown said.

Bolt said the police held off on arresting Demoruelle because of the extent of his injuries.

"We had to wait until his injuries were such that the jail would accept him," he said.

Bolt said the state police investigated the matter because it involved a traffic accident. Officers have finished their investigation and the case is being turned over to the Assumption Parish Sheriff's Office.

Demoruelle is currently being held at the Assumption Parish Justice Complex in Napoleonville in lieu of a $30,000 bond.

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You know i never new Louisiana had SO MANY whacky french names, i knew it was a french territory but wow!... next we'll be hearing about Renaultville, Peugoton, DeGaulleville, etc etc.. damn pesky french!

Fear Green.
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