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Used Dunlop Race take-offs.

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Used Dunlop Race take-offs.
207 GP’s and Stars. 120 front / 180 rear
I have to clean out my garage. I have a bunch of race takeoffs. Most have three sprint races and two to three practice sessions on them. The right sides are worn more then the left, but not to the wear indicators (except on I set of Stars)
Used with tire warmers to keep heat cycling down. Usually two or three cycles – still soft using the fingernail test
Price depends on tread left. From $50 to $125 a set + shipping from Ohio.
I can send UPS COD.
Multiple set discounts available.
Perfect for street, track days, drag racing or for people who like to do burnouts.
Call 440-327-0794 or email [email protected]

2000 929RR
1999 R6
1998 CR250R
1996 XR100
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