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Update: Sportbike Ralley

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Once again, the Sportbike Ralley in Parry Sound, Ontario was awesome! We saw some awesome bikes, met many friendly riders, and rode some sweet roads.

A few of the cool bikes there were an RC-51 (serial number 1), an MV Augusta F4 Mille ($60,000), lots of Moto Guzzis, and everything else new and old.

At the airport radar run, the Yamaha R6's were the consitent fast 600's. The over all winner went to an FJ-1100 w/nox & bored out to 1300cc. The RC-51 was obviously the fastest V-Twin. It didn't even sound like it was trying.

The famous Thunder Ride was a hit The OSR riders gave them a show on one wheel.

Hats off to the Ontario Sportbike Riders (OSR). They are some awsome riders and good folks. Too bad about 9 of them got hit with a bogus speeding ticket :mad:.

Total number of registered bikes was 1400.
six years ago it was 600.

What a cool weekend!

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Cool man, glad you had fun !
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