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Two Bros X-Metal

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Have a Two Bros X-Metal carbon slip-on CBR 929 and the sound is not all that...looks great. I've heard simple aluminum cans sound deeper,richer and louder.
Anyone know how long it takes carbon fiber cans two break in??

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I'm not sure about a break-in period for the carbon pipes but I just had a C-4 Aluminum pipe put on my F4 and it sounds great. There also seemed to be a significant increase in throttle response and low to middle snap.Is there supposed to be a difference in the sound from a fiber pipe? I thought that people just bought them because they liked the way they looked.

Keep it on one wheel.

Did you get a Race or Street slip on?? The Race sounds so much better.

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I was told the X-Metal is just a bit quieter than the aluminum by Two Bros.
Besides being beautiful to look at, the CF pipe is lighter and can be touched when the bike is running without 2nd degree burns.

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you can try hitting the kill switch (for back fires), but i don't know if that's really bad for f.i. bikes.

it'll take care of that pesty baffle.


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