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Me an Mrs Tug blatted up to Sepang again last Saturday, got to the hotel bar late but still did some damage to the half price jugs of beer. Pretty gutted as the hotel has replaced the cute girly band with a bunch of “ditch monsters” will need to complain about this as I had me digital camera at the ready to capture the boob tubes, boots and hot pants in action.
Got to the track just before 9am and headed straight out while everyone else was fannying around, not the best idea as it was up to me to scare off the dog and lizard who were having there own track day.

The first session went really well but still ****ing up in a couple of places, had to come in for a break cos I’m so unfit I cant hang on to the bars for more than 30 mins at a time. Got back to the pits to find a squid that I had been talking to in the hotel bar the night before surveying the damage to his R1. I felt really bad for him as he was real nervous about his first track day, he had low sided on his second lap, new bike new leathers ouch. I helped him straighten out the footrest hanger and adjusted the linkage so that he could select gears again. I asked what had happened he said that he was in first on the tight left handed turn 9 when he lost the back end. I suggested going out for another session but not going below 2nd as the bike has enough torque to drive around without going into 1st. I told him that on my first track day I stayed above 3rd so that I could get on the throttle without worrying about the back end getting out of shape. A couple of the more experienced guys had a chat with him and offered to take him out again for a few slow laps, Joe had done 5 or 6 laps with him first thing in the morning but that wasn’t enough I suppose. Off he went for another go, I had my fingers crossed for him as he was a nice guy just not very experienced. I went out a short while after and it wasn’t long before I came up behind him, I stayed well back but there was one rider quite close who looked like he was wanting past but was waiting for the straight to do it. They went into turn 9 and the R1 went down again, he was going pretty slow when he turned in so it didn’t look like there would be a problem until he shut the throttle and the bike fell over. I pulled him out of the gravel and loaded the bike onto the truck, the hanger was bolloxed this time and would need some lashing up to get him home. He spent the rest of the morning staring at his bike and shaking his head, I didn’t know what to say so stayed out of the way.

With the first race approaching I decided to get a few laps in for good measure, after 5 or 6 good laps I was coming down the back straight and closing fast on three bikes. I couldn’t decide if I had enough room to out brake them all before the turn or not but decide yes and went up the inside only to find my self alongside a 929 and almost past my turn in point. **** it I threw the bike in and went for it, the peg banged down so hard that the back wheel lifted sending me sliding across the track Fuuuuuuuck. I tried to pick it up and amazingly succeeded but when the rear touched down it flipped the bike upright and tossed me out of the seat. Holly shit :eek: I was looking down at the bike which was trying to sort its self out while I clung to the bars for dear life. I remember thinking that’s it, I’m in the shit and its gonna hurt as I floated above the dancing Gixxer. I crashed down with my right leg half on the seat and whacked my nuts on the tank, ooooph. I was flopped over the tank with my legs wind-milling around to the side and I realised that I might just get away with being a clumsy twat yet. I looked up to see where I was and saw the kitty litter dead ahead, my hopes were dashed and I knew I was going to bite it big time as I still had no control of the bike and was doing around 100kph. As I plowed into the litter I got my foot onto the brake and closed my eyes. When I opened them I was up to my axle in gravel but still upright, Yippeeee. I dragged the bike out, removed the gravel from the faring and checked for damage. With none found I decided to celebrate with a wheelie past the pits, got it into second on the main straight and whacked it which resulted in the best wheelie I have ever done. I sailed past the pits on the back wheel and everything seemed right in the world. I did a couple of more laps and headed in for another hydration/fag stop.

The red flag came out as I came in because someone had lost his sump plug !!! He had spilled oil all down the last couple of hundred meters of the main straight and half way round turn one. At over 950 meters long you can be doing 260-280 by the end of the straight so not the best place for and impression of the Amico Cadiz going down. Unfortunately a Gixxer 1K on its maiden voyage was following the oil sprayer and went down at around 270kph Yikes !!! The Gixxer was owned by a Brit living in Kuala Lumpur, he paid around 25K US for it a few weeks ago so was not best pleased at not having a fairing any more. I have to say it crashed pretty well considering the speed, fairing engine casing and passenger peg.
It took a while to clear the oil but 45 mins later we were lining up for the first race.

I started in 12th but was up to third by the end of the first lap. I was close on the tail of the second place Ducat for most of the second lap but out braked my self coming into turn 9 and lost a lot of time trying to stay on the track. I pushed hard for the next couple of laps and was slowly reeling him in when the red flag’s came out again, race over so took third by default. I don’t think I would have passed the Duc but it would have been nice to get closer. My fuel light was on for most of the race so decided to call it a day. A few more spills in the last half hour brought the total to six bikes and seven crashes which is pretty much par for the course at one of our track days. Pasir Gudang next week to finish off the tyre and get me in the right frame of mind for a wisdom tooth extraction the following Monday Whaaaaaa !!! I want my mum, scared of the dentist ya know.
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Here after16th August when the update will be complete
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