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got this from the SCS forums...

Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience season opener - Willow Springs Big Track on Monday March 12th!

RIDING SCHOOL: With a comprehensive Level 1 school to rival national schools, we should be the first choice for riders who are looking to build their skills and become precision riders! And with us, while speed is fun, it's all about precision with us, not just the speed!

OPEN LAPPING: Open lapping (must be an experienced track rider) is free riding with abundant track time yet we keep unsafe and discourteous riders out of our events. You bring out a nice bike, we expect you to be able to take it home shiny too. Our staff of professional instructors are available throughout the day for one-on-one personal coaching, and they monitor this group for safe and courteous riding. (open lapping IS allowed in L1 for riders desiring a slower pace, whereas L2 is higher intermediate to advanced lapping riders)

TRACSTAR CHALLENGE: Tracstar is a skills-based rider certification and awards program which focuses on developing both physical and mental bike control skills and safety habits. It is inspired by proven sports training programs that have worked well for decades around the globe. Tracstar is free and optional for any rider.

FORMAT: 2 customized groups. Long sessions means 50% more riding than a "3 group" format event. Not only do you receive more miles, but a BETTER experience. What's your track day funds worth to you?

AMENITIES: We deliver chilled bottled water and Gatorade delivered to each pit during the day, and the optional catering tickets include a full hot buffet breakfast and full buffet lunch!
Vendor services at this event include trackside tire service (provided Racer's Edge Michelin - Precepts Motorsports), photography by CaliPhotography, and suspension tuning by CycleMall and/or CRS Tuning. We have standby EMS and of course a full corner staff for your safety.

The ticket price is $170 per rider and includes beverage service (catering extra). You get what you pay for and our riders expect a better experience with more track time and better amenities.

More information on the TrackXperience riding school, open lapping, and the Tracstar™ Challenge Program can be found online at or by calling (800) 930-8520.

Media inquiries or registration questions may be directed to Todd Robinson at [email protected] or at 800-930-8520, extension 81.

Some discounts apply for industry employees, licensed racers, and select sponsored groups.

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Last Minute Reminders!

National Weather service is showing the weather to be: Sunny, with a high
near 84. Calm wind becoming northeast between 7 and 10 mph.

It may be a little chilly in the morning so please take the time to warm up your
tires first couple laps... AVOID COLD TIRE CRASHES!

I know it's not real hot, but it's easier to get dehydrated from not drinking enough
fluids, be sure to grab some water or gatorade when they bring it around.

don't forget your key, hate to end your day or call a locksmith out for some thing
so simple...


With some of the newer race tires on the market pressures will vary
dramatically. However you are VERY unlikely to run higher "street" pressures
for a track day with positive results. For most production street tires and
the DOT race tires from Dunlop, Metzeler, and Pirelli, we suggest 31-32 psi
front and 29-30 psi rear (yes, less in the rear) for track use. For the new
Michelin Power Race and race PR tires we suggest 30 front and 23 rear (yes,
we mean 23). For Pilot Powers we suggest 32 front and rear.


While you can ride while physically tired, being able to stay mentally
focused on the racetrack is critical to your survival. I encourage you to
eat a good dinner and get plenty of sleep. When you wake up in the morning,
do a couple stretches before leaving your hotel room. Remember, you are
going to be getting a workout on the limber and ready for it!

You've all heard track day providers preach about staying well hydrated. But
it's important to remember that good hydration starts THE NIGHT BEFORE the
event..and that alcohol, coffee, tea, and sodas can all dehydrate you. I
suggest that you LIMIT alcohol any night before a track day and have a LOT
of water along with any alcohol consumption. We will provide waters and
gatorades for you at the track, so make sure you use it! If the girls don't bring
them around to you, our staff will have these in coolers near the grid area, so
take advantage of it!


For intermediate and novice riders, your focus needs to be on building your
skills and not riding over your head. Become a smoother and more skilled
rider and your speeds will improve as a by-product.

Remember, it's going to be warm from 11-2 or so. Be sure you remain focused
on your riding. If you get fuzzy, do yourself and everyone else on the track
a favor and take a session to recuperate in your pits. With 30 minute
sessions, you're getting a LOT of track time. PACE YOURSELF!

TRACK!!! If you must get to the track early, please park to the side of the road
away from the gate.

Our staff is arriving at 7AM to set up. We ask that you arrive after 7:15AM
so that we may position our trailers, tire service, and canopies around the
1st hartman garage closest to the cafe . DO NOT pit along the Yellow pit will
in front of the hartman garages and the cafe. This lane must be kept clear for
the riders, crash truck, and ambulance access.
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