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to ama or not to ama

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hey what's everyone's opinion on the ama. since rcjohn and i have both taken a couple of shots at them.

i was a 4 year member when i decided not to renew.

i could give a damn less about helmet laws. i asked the ama if they were more concerned about helmets or making sure that there were places to ride, concidering they stopped fighting a ca community that banned motorcycles to pursue other issues (i'd guess that's repealing helmets laws. since that's all they talk about). i asked why they don't leave that issue up to abate (the group that traditionally works on the state level), they didn't respond. of course i asked why i had to pay for the ama screwing the little guy as well, so that didn't help either.

jerry wood mentioned on the racelist that the only way to change it is from the inside. but it seems that the ama doesn't wanna listen to members who don't feel the helmet law is as important as having a place to ride without a helmet

anyway, i was wondering, what everyone's opinion is.

this isn't meant as a helmet law debate. i just think that helmet laws aren't the ama's responsibility, it's abate's.


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As Tony, mentioned I have taken shots at the AMA. I have to maintain a membership due to crew member rules. :p

I do not agree with spending money to repeal helmet laws. If states were to try and add more helmet restriction then that is a different issue. I don't like helmet laws and don't like seatbelt laws. I do, however, consider them trivial in the grand scheme of things since I wear both pretty much all of the time. :)

These proposals, of our Communist President, to outlaw bikes in millions of the Nation's forest a bigger issue to me. :mad:

Discrimination, against cyclist with regards to medical insurance, by corporations is a big issue. :mad:

Promoting the sport(all forms), racing and leisure, is a big issue. :cool:

AMA claims that they are not in the business of promoting races. If so, fine but stop fighting other organizations that do promote the sport such as FUSA/Pace Motorsports. :rolleyes:

Once I no longer need pit road access I will probably let my membership expire unless I see some changes. :(


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I keep my membership, for two reasons. First, Insurance Discount. :cool: Second, they fight legislation, and in my book fighting any legislation is good.

The lawmakers in this country are busy trying to make everybody happy so they can get re-elected. That's fine, but they are trying to do it by just passing more laws.

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AMA? Nah...too close to NRA.

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Here's one from the positive side. I sense that the AMA is focusing less on helmet laws now than in the past. They certainly have kept up a relentless drumbeat about the roadless areas issue. They've also been active on the medical insurance issue. It's not just helmet laws, even though I, too, have often wished helmet laws were a lower priority.

The California bike ban case was a tough one. I can support the decision because they could have spent a lot of money pursuing a case that was legally weak. We were talking about a bike ban on private property. When there have been bans in public areas, the AMA has been more successful and, IMO, should be and has been more aggressive.

Also, there is a new president. For one thing, he has promised to create a new staff for the sole purpose of attending to members' inquiries, requests, needs, etc., within 24 hours. He may make some of the changes some of you guys would like to see.

It's not that I think the AMA is perfect; I just think things would be a lot worse for us without it and my dues are a reasonable price to pay.

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i'm with colin on fighting the government, god help us if gore gets in, he wants to get rid of combustion motors, he is a asshole, bad enough clinton wants to close a ton of land, and do it by going over congress, we need a voice in government or who knows next they will want to ban all bikes

I too feel that helmet laws or even seatbelt laws should not be that big of an issue. If your an individual who's too stupid to figure out that a helmet or seatbelt can save your life, then you are probably better off splattered across the pavement and so is the rest of society.

I feel comfortable knowing that there is an organization for motorcycles that is actualy in the government's law making area.

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like rcjohn said, you usually have to be an ama member to race.

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I wish the AMA would get out of the racing business, and let a professional promotions group do it right.

But I do believe they are necessary to keep the politicians in check. ABATE? Please. We may as well let the Hell's Angels represent us! No thank you, I'll take my chances with the AMA.

Yes, they have spent a lot of time trying to repeal helmet laws. But remember the big picture: The more the government restricts us, the worse it'll get. It may seem like the AMA goes overboard on some issues, but they have to do that in order to end up breaking even in the long run.

As for the Canyon Lake bike ban? Well, they fought with that one for a while, but in the grand scheme of things, it was a small potatoes issue. You have to pick your battles, just like with a little kid.

And with the AMA, I believe they do a pretty good job with those battles.

Just not with racing!

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i personally dont get much involved w/the ama.. i have a membership so i can race. i also wish that they would let other organizations handle racing & everytime ive written the ama ive never gotten a response. they are not high on my list of worthy organizations but in our small & outcast world of sportbikes we dont have much else on our side... im interested to see how these changes effect us.

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