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hey all
question regarding tires. I have a duk 916 and need to replace both tires. Im looking at michelin pilot sport. What do you guys think?
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I havn't heard anything bad about them, but I'm going wtih the polit racers. I feel they will bit a little more in the corners compared to the street compound. Just MO.


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If you're going to do primarily street riding rather than track, the Pilot Sports are the way to go. They can handle a wider range of conditions than the Race and will last longer and cost less. There are quite a few comparison reviews on the internet if you want to take the time to research it. I just put the Sports on my bike, and I love them. Good luck bro...

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thanks for in the info guys.
Everything I've heard says it'll take you way longer to get the race compound tires up to temperature if your not on the track. I've heard that normally Michellins sports take a bit longer to heat up than Dunlops, but once at temp. they're great. I've got 207's on now and love em, but maybe go with the piolts next.

Go for the Michelin Pilot Sports. I have a set on my R1 and they are without doubt the best all-round tyre I have ever used. They warm up quickly and are excellent on the track, though they can overheat if used really hard (track only). When they slide it is predictable and can always be caught/controlled in time. My tyres have done 3 track days and about 1300 miles of road riding and are only now beginning to lose their performance.

If I were you, I would look at the Battlax BT-010s. they were the original tires on my 929, and they were excellent. Honestly, they were the best tires I have ever run. I have since replaced them with some Pilot Sports (I get the Michelins at dealer price, so I can't pass them up), and they are also excellent tires, although I have yet to get them on a track, so I can't really say which is better. Definitely consider the BT-010s, though.


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Hey Centro2, goto they recently tested the Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Metezeler, and Dunlops...The Bridgestone BT010 won with a 98% rating almost perfect...Hope this helps...CSILVA 2000 BAD ASS R6...

Rossco, I just realized that you have the "other" paint scheme. Do you have a pic you can post in the photo forum? Thanks.

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i ride the avon av39/40's & love em.

im gonna try pilots next though.. just to see.. ill never ride 207zr again.

Sorry CETRO2

The site is

VTR's right about the temp. It takes my 207GP's about 1 1/2 laps to heat up. A friend that uses Pilots said his dont completely heat up until 2-3 laps. Pilots are a VERY good tire (race ones at least. Never heard anything on the sports) but they do have a very bad drawback. With my 207's if it starts raining I can still race while the guys on Pilots have to park it or risk crashing. Yesterday a guy was telling me of the new Perelli race tires. They have a wider 'slick' area than the Pilots. As for using race compounds on the street, I have Dunlop D205 sport touring tires on my YZF and have no problems cornering with a harder compound. I'd like to try the Pilots but not at $375 a set when I get 207GP's for $295.

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