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I am wondering about moving up to a 170/60-17 on my 1996 CBR600F3. The stock size is a 160/60-17. Before you tear me up over the tire being pinched from the rim and getting so many tire questions- let me say some things. I searched the forums and have learned a lot about tire and rim sizes and how they relate. I also have been unable to find any answers to my questions from old posts.

--I found out that a 170/60-17 series tire is meant for a 5 inch rim. The 96 F3 has a 5 inch rear wheel.

1)Based on this, I would think that a 170 series tire would not be pinched by my bike's 5 inch wheel, and therefore would not adversly affect its handling characteristics. I have no desire to put a 180 series tire on (these are the only posts for other F3's I could find) because it is obvious to me that it would not work. When I bought the bike, it had a 170 on, but it was nearly worn so I replaced it with the 160, so I know it will fit. (just don't remember how it handled). Is my logic wrong? Will it still pinch the tire?

2)If anyone has an F3 or similar bike with a 170 series tire on it, please let me know how it compares to the 160 tire.

3)Also, does anyone know how well the Metzler Sportec M1 compares to the Michelin Pilot Sports and the Bridgestone BT-010?

Sorry about the superlong post, but I am an idiot:D
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