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The Urantia Book and the Art of Being a Spiritual Motorcycle Rider

Commit to the faith lean angles it takes for your Urantia Book educated speed of choices to go around the dangerous curves of human reality.

Don’t brake hard at the entrance into a good turn for a random act of kindness, full on throttle go for it.

Gas it hard and go the extra mile to make it a fun turn of soul growth experience.

Wheelie out of good turn one carrying lots of spiritual momentum over the rough straights that lay ahead.

The spirit of truth suspension will absorb the pot holes and patch work of myth, fear, and superstition.

Your indwelling thought adjuster is the steering dampener built by God himself, allowing you to hang off and set up for the next curve ahead with out head shake, insuring eternal life.

This dampener and suspension package is your spiritual insurance policies don’t leave mental home with out’em.

Freely shift your transmission gears of freewill choice, to power truth, beauty, and goodness forward.

Ease power out with the clutch hand of wisdom to qualify reality at the speed and quality of educated choices.

Apply the creative horsepower of God the sevenfold through the mind to the hands on the grips of reality, qualifying reality for the betterment of mankind.

When in doubt get on the spiritual gas to dodge impinging and on coming bad choices of others.

Go faster than they can doubt your faith; beware of dogmas on the highway of spiritual adventure.

Worship more crash less, look only for wisdom in the rear view mirrors of history before twisting it to the red line.

Always ware your Jesus helmet of truth, beauty and goodness with flames on love flowing off it.

Pull down your face shield with an anti fog bullshit protector, tinted with the vision of always doing God’s will.

In seeing God’s goodness clearly you can apply that random act of a joyous spiritual wheel stand for miles of loving service.

When curve lean angles are well into view of spiritual application, this creates greater corning speeds when on the spiritual gas to win souls over, in this race in time and space.

You are where the rubber meets the reality of soul growth and Sonship with God.

The act of spinning your wheels is yours, the consequences are Gods, and he replaces tires of truth, relative to the living highway of the here and now.
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