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As unbelievable as it may seem, i have decided to put my newly painted wonder for sale. Ive dumped so much into it you may wonder why i would sell it. There are two possible answers. 2001 ZX7R or 2000 ZX6R.

I long for the memories of a BRAND NEW bike. New warrantee, new smell, new machine. the asking price may SEEM high, but this is no stock bike and with all the mods and extras on this baby the price is more than right. Most all the shortcomings of the 6E have been taken care of. I believe this is the most tricked out one in the southwest.

Im in Chandler, AZ.

However, i dont NEED to sell the bike and im sure i will be happy enough keeping it if no one buys. But i want a NEW machine. Simple as that.

Check out the ad at:



Fear Green.
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