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Well, there it is lads, the first full session of racing for the SBR club is done and dusted, and by fark did we enjoy ourselves.

How many moments did we all get that won’t be forgotten …. Yet I struggle to remember them all and most that I do are the recent ones … so lets have a thread on some of the more entertaining moments, thoughts and even pics of the session. Track days should also be included.

I can start with a few ….

Put It Away Knob Boy: Getting his elbow down on turn one of the Sepang Full Circuit (SFC). What a riding god that lad looks like. Still, a pity no one took him aside and explained that a 50,000k standard shock is likely to aid in him also getting his ARSE down mid corner ….. still, I think he knows that now.

Blue Cant: “I had slid 8 meters on my arse when I finally realised I wouldn’t be able to pick it up on my knee”. Hahahaha … the farkin quote of the year nominee if ever there was one ….

Silver Bullshite: Taking the Legend on turn 5 (downhill left) Sepang Short Circuit (SSC), and I can see the BOTH wheels are drifting …. Which would normally have been way funny and cool ..except he was drifting toward me ….

I Fark The Road (1-4-the): Posting a 1min14, then promptly providing the biggest off for the session (maybe) during the next race. It’s extremely difficult to process ALL info when racing I find, so while on the gas hard and thinking about when to brake into turn 2 (SSC) it’s just does not compute seeing a bike going through the air, broadside, with a bloke on the track playing rag-doll sex instructor.

Dick Dripply: I can speak from a personal perspective, watching him overtake me between turns 4 and 5 then dive down into 5 is a sight to behold. Lovely. Still ,we’ve got to have something better than this …. Anyone ?

Yellow Peril: Umm….would it be rude to suggest the knick name ‘Crasha’ …. Buys a new bike, then promptly finds the only bit of oil on the track and rides over it. Overheard afterwards saying “I thought the concrete was meant to add traction”.

Tugstar: Discovers that’s his bike has something which no other race bike does, and uses it to the full to improve his lap times ….. yip, his horn. While the likes of Slasha and BC will casually and efficiently fly past before the lads have time to shake their blue flags … the Tug has taken to “cheating”.

I can personally report that at one particular moment, “flying” down into turn 1 (SSC) in mid tussle with the Trev, I was profoundly distracted by what sounded like a reversing Truck. Having seen strange things like ladies with shopping bags at ShagaLamb, it was not beyond all possibility that sure enough a truck might be on the track doing mid race surface repairs …. But no …. It was the Tugsta discovering his new laptime-improver-tool.

Slasha: For me it would have to be reports of his first “Race Event Win Speech” …. Which I am sure has been widely misquoted, but the versions I heard all sort of sounded something like “Yes, I won cause they were all slower than me.” And that was it …..not even a “Cant” ………or in his typically psychotically quite way ….after having his first off in 2 years …. He was quoted as saying “Maybe 30 mill at the back is too much”.

Flymo: After the big off, when even his ability to say next to nothing should have been shaken he still managed a quote like “I think I just lost a bit of traction.”

Then of course there is the transformation of club members, bikes and the club itself.

Case in point would be DD … the beginning of the session, who would have thought that DD would spend close to $2,000 on a clutch. How about Tug … and his THREE Gixers ….. BC’s going to the dark side and trying out a Gixer, then his abrupt about turn to turn up for the last race on the FIRST “race track only” SBR race bike … and surely not to be the last. Then there’s the absence of some friends like Kiwi Jeff, English Bob and of course Bladerunner and our Webmaster. Come back soon lads.

New newbies ….. Paul (thanks for returning me brake lever), Wolverine (I’m a cant), and of course Big Phil showing us all how it’s done with that sexy looking bike of his, leathers and helmet on his comeback.
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