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Just spent the day at the NZ national drags.

One of the highlights of the day: on the way there we come across this car on the side of the road. There is flames coming out of the very front of the car. Beside the car is the owner sitting on his sound system that he has recovered from the car (that were probably worth far more than the car itself). Guess you had to be there ... :)

Second highlight: in the grass carpark straight below us there was this car doing big wheelspins on the grass. He looses control and spins it and crashes into one of the parked cars :D The crowd loved it!

Anyway there was only two bikes racing :(
There was a GSXR750 that had a best run of 10.66 and a ZXR750 getting mid 11's. Anyone with comparable results?

The rotarys took the day with the fastest one (AFAIK) with a 8.6ish second run. Beast car though. Pitty there weren't more bikes out on the strip. Anyone here had their bike under 10s?

Cheers all.
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