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Thank heaven I have a bike!!!

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I am so glad I have a motorcycle. I have many reasons to like them, but, I have one main one..... reflexes!!!

I was in my Jeep today going to a friends work. I was coming down the street when suddenly a van pulled out of a side street without stopping. I cut the wheel to the left and then to the right to prevent slamming into a semi. I got out and looked to see if there was any damage...none. The van on the other hand did not stop or anything. Luckily I saw the name of the company on the van and made a complaint with the company. the owner said he would take care of it.

I think that you never realize how much you learn from motorcycles until you need it. I am sure that if I did not ride a bike that I would probbly be layed up in a hospital bed tonight. I thank everyone that taught me how to ride. In a way I am kind of glad that this happened, it reallly opened up my eyes to how soon it can all end... a split second. I am also glad that the MSF course I took taught me about reflexes and how much quicker you have to be with them.

It's only illegal if you get caught.
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Any good m/cist will be a far, far better cage driver, for they will look around at the traffic more like a rider on two wheels, be almost with that 6ths instinct of almost reading the minds of other drivers & people at the sides of the roads & as Jester points out they will be with the instincts/reflects of many m/cists.
I notice it when I'm walking in the city; either with pedestrian or automotive traffic-- unintentional shoulder checks and the "head on a swivel" mentality.

Glad everything worked out.
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