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thank gawd

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FINALLY! my bike is fixed after a month and a half of it being down. i can't believe the cost that stupid dragon bite did. we went thru 2 rims, several parts machined, and a bunch of time. had to miss the canada sportbike rally because of it. and almost missed the COG rally this past weekend. the rim KidZX6E sold me doesn't fit, so now i need to re-sell it. very very good condition. but had to buy a brand spanking new one and waited for parts.
so, this past weekend i rolled the odometer over to 10000 miles. woo hoo. i missed my bike. :(

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Amy, thumbs up to ya! Glad to hear that you are back on two wheels!

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on the bright side.. u didnt miss the whole summer.

Glad to hear you're no longer celibate, Amy! I'll check with some of the fellas I know that have a ZX6, maybe they want an extra set, or a chrome set.

FINALLY!! Need I say more? :D

Congrats. I bet you really missed it. :)

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Amy, sorry to hear about the Front Wheel fitment.

I would recommend selling it on eBay. You just may get more then you paid for it!

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