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In recognition of the folks "in the trenches" working at motorcycle shops and dealerships across the state, we at Pacific Track Time have decided to "sponsor" these riders to help them get out to the track on a tight budget that most of our shop friends are on.

If you work for a franchised motorcycle dealership, or a specialty motorcycle service shop (like Nichols, for example), you may now attend Pacific Track Time events at a 25%-off cost level. To obtain this discount, you must do the following;
1) Enter a promo code of DEALER when signing up for an event, and
2) Make a note of the shop's name and phone number so we can verify your employment status.

Since this is such a large discount to help out shop guys get to the track, riders using this discount are responsible for their own food and water. But all other amenities are available to these riders.

This makes our 7/23-7/24 Thunderhill dates as low as $150 for shop guys. It is our sincere hope that this discount will be a big help to a lot of hardworking (and often underpaid) shop guys!



In recognition of the dedication to the sport and heavy annual expenditures sustained by amateur and professional privateer racers, we at Pacific Track Time have decided to institute a discount program for the remainder of the 2002 season.

Racers holding a license from an acceptable governing body (AMA, FIM, AFM, AHRMA, CCS, WSMC, CRA, MARRC, MRA, OMRRA, RPS, WERA, WMRRA) will now be able to attend our track days at a reduced rate.

The racer discount is 20% off our regular season rates. This means that your cost will be;

Thunderhill - $159
WSIR - $152
Streets of Willow - $136
Laguna Seca - $263

(Rates are subject to change without notice...always check our website to confirm current pricing)

Please note that this discount does not apply to the Aprilia Demo Day at Laguna Seca on 12/18/02, but does apply to our regular event at Laguna Seca 12/19-12/20.

Racers attending at the discounted rate will be expected to provide their own water and food (regardless of what the online registration confirmation states about a rider meal being included), and may ONLY ride in the Advanced Group. Racers wishing to take advantage of this program MUST use the promotional code RACER (please note you must use correct upper case) when registering online, or notify us of their licensed status if signing up by phone.

You MUST bring a copy of your license to registration when checking in for the event. Any rider not proving current licensed status will still be allowed to attend at the regular event rate.

We hope this will help those of you who are spending every dollar you have to race and practice and stay devoted to the sport, and we look forward to riding with you!
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