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That's right folks... You heard it here.

My dealership (Whitts Suzuki in Manassas) held an open house. Part of the festivities was a Dyno Shoot Out.

So I got my nerves together and said "hey, I'll do it". It was the last run of the evening.

Can't remember the RPM levels but...
HP = 64.8
Tq = 41.6
Temp was a nasty 90deg and humidity levels... Lets just say I rode home in the rain.

Yes that's right folks no other 601 - 750cc class bike could compete. OK fine, no other 601 - 750cc bike ran the dyno. :) The superbike winner was a Busa that put down 154hp :eek:

I had a chance to ride a TLs that day too... sweeeeeeet :cool:

BTW the bike is bone stock with 850 miles on the clock.
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