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stupid tire question

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here's something to ponder.

i was riding my streetbike and noticed the sidewalls were wearing pretty bad for a streetbike.

we know the centers wear out on streetbikes because people ride straight up and down all the time.

but on a race bike, do the sides wear more because you're on the side of the tire more often (as my friend says, at those speeds the straights really aren;t that straight)? or is it that cornering puts more forces on the tire?

anyone know?


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I would say without a doubt it is the cornering forces that the tire is subjected to. A race tire will last 2000 miles on the street but only 200 miles on the track. The sides always wear out first. Just look at the tire bits on the tire after a good session. When you put seriuos G forces on that tire it is going to wear.

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I think it is because there is additional forces applied to the edges of the tires.
Techinically the sidewalls never touch the pavement unless you've crashed.

Now for my stupid question. What is the lowest track surface temp. does a DOT race tire become less than effective. Since I plan to go to track days this winter.

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What cbr600f4gd said. Back in the late 70s and early 80s I did a lot of riding with some friends who raced. We all ran Pirelli R compound tires on the street, as did my friends on their track bikes. Sure enough, we averaged 1800-2000 miles on the street, while the same tires would be gone after 200 track miles. We wore out the centers on the street, and they wore out the sides on the track.

The best part is that modern sport touring tires offer greater traction over a wider temperature range and last much longer. I have 1000 miles on my Bridgestone radials on the Triumph Sprint RS and they're barely worn. Of course, I never exceed the posted speed limits.

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