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Hey everyone, I'm new here. My names Rhys and I've had a motorbike license for 7 years, but have been off a bike for the last 5 due to an accident i had.

I am now back on a bike, which is a Suzuki GSX600F 1989.

Now, I am having a problem with the bike,
(bare with me to try and explain)

After purchasing the bike, I knew the clutch was slipping, so I changed the clutch plates and it was a lot better, but still slipping a slight bit.

This is the confusing part, when I start the bike up, I leave it for 5 minutes to warm up, jump on, put the clutch in, add some revs to pull away and let go of the clutch, the bike doesn't move much, so I let go of the clutch in gear and it didn't stall.

When riding the bike, I will use a little more throttle and it just won't grip and pull, it just slips (with a slight pull) when I open out it slips all the way to redline and after 2 seconds it will grip and take off, then for 10 seconds after that I have no slip at all on the bike, until 10 seconds after it starts to slip again.....

Any idea? (I have changed the oil to recommended oil from a Motorcycle dealership)

(sorry for how long this is, not sure how much I needed to put in)
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