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Stock Pipe, Windshield, and blackout for CBR 600F4

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Stock pipe from my CBR 600F4. It lists for $300. Will have it to your door for $175. It is in perfect condition. No scratches or anything.

Stock windshield from CBR 600F4. Also in perfect condition. List: $120 To your door for $60

Custom blackout for headlight on CBR 600F4 (to be used in daytime only!). Paid $20, will have at your door for $15

E-mail me: [email protected] with inquiries

2000 CBR600F4 -
Lost to the Blacktop God. 4,699 miles in under 3 mos. $8,300 worth of damage to my one and only baby. On the brighter side: Can you say 929rr???
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