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Greetings, STNers, I've not been checking STN as much as I'm mainly over at Soviet Steeds with my fellow Foilheads and our Urals.

I've still got the 2009 GSA I bought in 2010 and this last weekend went past 57,000 miles on it. One thing I've noticed is that now that I'm nearly 58 my reaction to hours and hours in the saddle has changed. Did motocamping trip down to SoCal and back in May with my best riding buddy, who has a '16 GSA and is a year younger. We've ridden together for almost 15 years and independently have noticed our time of 600-700 miles a day in the saddle for several consecutive days have likely ended. My range seems to be down more to 400-500 or even 350 if it's all twisties. (This trip I finally rode Sonora Pass and Mount Lassen.) We also don't ride at night anymore...intentionally.
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Still love motorcycling more than anything else, but have adjusted my cornering speeds a bit to compensate for slowed reflexes. On the plus side, as an expereienced rider I have gotten much better at anticipation of trouble (hmm, that car is driving erratically, this corner appears as if it will tighten, the alfalfa field over there may attract deer out of the pines, etc.), which has proved beneficial a few times.

Anybody else, to steal an old advertising line, not getting older, but also getting better?
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