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I have a tt600, 03. My friend dropped the bike on the side where stator is located, there were no fairings... After the fall the bike ran for about 30 mins then I had to jump start and charge for 10mins to get home... I took it to the shop and he said My stator and rectifier went bad becz of the shock of the fall. He said the stator's one of the three sets of coil burned away and there by it burned the rectifier (he said). He said the rectifier is showing about 1 volt or something instead of 9V when measured......

DO I need to replace both stator and R/R... I heard that triumph's r/r is different than japanese bike's... I dont want to kill my friend by buying both the stator and rectifier because he said he will pay (valet busting:().

If I buy just a new stator and use the old r/r... hoping the rectifier is ok.. Is it going to do any damage to stator or electric system if in case the r/r is bad..

PLZZZ need your inputttt...... A triumph loverrrr...... :cool:
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