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Hi all:

After thirty years of (on and off) riding I decided it was time to try a sport bike. I dont know why I waited so long but all of a sudden I started looking at them differently and the attraction seemingly came out of nowhere. I rented a 98 vfr and loved it, although I was a little intimidated by the torque and power. I've ridden standards, harleys, dirt bikes...but the vfr felt, to me, like I was riding some kind of weapon. It felt so aggressive and after a six hour day I was sore, particularly my wrists. I know now that I was anything but relaxed so I was beating myself up unwittlingly by riding "tight".

Anyway, the enfatuation smouldered for a few months until I rented a 99 sprint ST. After a day on that I was seriously enfatuated and feeling much more comfortable on the bike. I had tried an f4i a few weeks earlier and it was awesome and quick but I anticipated 80% sport riding and 20% touring so I was eying the sport tour bikes more. The Sprint felt very similar to the VFR but I was attracted to the greater torque and displacement PLUs...triumph was giving away $1000 worth of free goodies with each purchase so that put me into a sweet sounding carbon fiber slip-on and heated grips so that swung me towards the ST. I picked up a red 2002 ST on my 40th birthday. I cant believe I waited this long to buy a sport bike ( know it's a sport TOUR but after what I've been riding, it's a sport bike *L*). Elaborating on this would be preaching to the converted so I'm sure you know what I mean. I really love this bike.

Three months have passed and I've used me car maybe three times since I bought the bike...going to work is now a pleasure (arriving there less so) and I've done a couple of amazing three day rides with a buddy and his gixxer 750, and maybe eight day-long local rides. I am so happy with this Triumph...I shouldnt have waited so long.

One last comment...I picked up an electric vest and between that and the heated grips I figure I extended my riding season by about four months. For a hundred bux, an electric vest is an investment you will thank yourself for making many times over...I took a little good natured ribbing over mine but the laughter stopped after the first mountain pass.

Happy and safe riding to all,
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