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I'm a University of Idaho student looking for a Spring Break ride. None of my buddies here are interested in anything long distance. Spring Break is March 12-19 here. I'd love to be gone the whole week. I've got some friends heading toward Vegas and Pheonix in a Van, but who wants to spend a week in a van with 6 dudes when you could be on the bike. I'd like to head south and meet up with them at some point. I'm looking for anybody who would like to go anywhere that direction, part or all the way, whatever. Suggestions for where to ride in Southern Utah, around Las Vegas or AZ would be great too.

Anybody interested or with suggestions please post here.
I'll probably copy this over to too (awesome site if you haven't checked it out)

FYI, U of I is in Moscow, ID about 1 1/2 hr south of Spokane, WA.
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