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We are teaming up with Team Arizona to offer our members (and visitors) a discount on the next Team Arizona Track Day!


Price $170 (Normal Price is $195)
Location: Firebird Raceway (East Track)
Date: May 26, 2002 - Sunday

Mark Weiss
(480) 998-9888
Make sure you tell Mark you are with Sportbike World to get the discounted rate!

Set-Up and Machine Requirements:

For you:

Crash-worthy riding suit. We do not require full leathers, but they are strongly recommended.

In the Novice/New Rider/Slowest Pace group, a two-piece suit that has a zip together flap in back is O.K.

For the two faster groups all two-piece suits should have full zippered connections and riders are advised to wear spine protection as well Full gloves, gauntlet style preferred Boots, at least 8" high, your ankle joint should be fully covered Helmet: full coverage, no damage

Your ride:

Very good mechanical condition
Very good tires
Properly operating controls
Liquid cooled motorcycles must not use glycol based engine coolant. Distilled water with Redline Water Wetter is O.K.
Mirrors removed or taped over
Lights removed or taped over

More answers to your questions:

Track dates have Sponsors, the Sponsor may bring merchandise to the track for you to see or try. They also provide lunch for all of our paid riders.
TrackTime rents the entire facility, so you will be able to bring with whatever pit support you would like.
Spectators and speed groupies are welcome at the track, so long as they are reasonably well behaved. There is no admission fee.
There are no open concessions at the track. Fuel is available within 10 minutes of the track. Although lunch will be provided, you should bring with extra food and snacks.

Extra Services available:

On-Track rider coaching at no charge, just talk with one of the TrackTime staff. It's not a class, just solid advice from experienced riders & racers.
Suspension set-up help and advice.
A track photographer is usually available as well.


Group 1 (Black) is for street riders. This group is for anyone on any bike. Black group riders can opt for the "Don't Pass Me in a Turn" vests. The pace is monitored by on-track Coaches and our cornering crew. Riders who are faster than the pace get invited to the next group.

Group 2 (White) is for experienced sport riders and amateur racers on lighweight class machinery. As in the Black group, when you build speed, you move up.

Group 3 (Red) is the fastest group.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the track!
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