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M A R L I N T O N 2 0 0 2

JUNE 17 - 22

Marlinton Motor Inn, Marlinton WV

World's Largest CBX Rally: 150-200 attendees and 100 plus CBXs at prior Marlintons.
Over 30 Agenda Items!
R A L L Y * S P O N S O R S

Aprilia att: Chris Cuomo
CBX Performance
Vanson Leathers
American Kowa Sekei, Inc
Redline Lubricants
Waynesville Cycle

Every once in a while a Great Event takes Event you will never forget Yet....if you miss will never remember what you did instead! An Event ....on a topic you love.....where you do what you want every minute of every day For CBXers............this Great Event is ..........Marlinton

Reservation Instructions shown below at bottom Note: 35 Overflow Rooms/Cabins/B&B are available within 3 miles of the Marlinton Rally Site and 100 more within 15 miles Don't stay home .....see below for details.


1. all 68 rooms at the marlinton rally headquarters are booked. this is a new record of early booking and this response should inspire all cbxers to want to attend marlinton and/or other rallies this year.

2. estimated turnout now stands at 150+ or so. 2 people per room is (68 x 2) or 136 attendees......... plus a few that will be camping or parking their motorhomes at the rally site (yepper we can do that)..................and an unknown number of attendees at the overflow rooms, cabins and bed/breakfasts. simply amazing....

3. soooooooooo.... you want to attend but nowwwwwwwww dont have a room............we have you covered with 135 plus overflow rooms.....some within 2-3 miles of the rally site.

River Place 304-799-7233: 8-10 rooms and a house. 3 miles from Rally Headquarters
Rustic Inn 304-799-4204: Motel with 12 rooms. 2 miles from Rally Headquarters
Appalachian Sports 304-799-4050: Two 6 person Units. 2 miles from Rally Headquarters
Jerico Inn 304-799-6241: 6 cabins and bed/breakfast rooms. 2 miles from Rally Headquarters
Snowshoe Resort about 12-15 miles from the rally site and has 100 plus rooms. go here for info and rates
a. Only those having CBXs at the rally will be eligible to win the Vanson items, and wonderful gift certificates from Tims and CBX Performance
b. only those having CBXs at the rally can win Rider Awards
c. if you are not a member.......your rally fee will be $30 vs $15







MARLINTON 2002 AGENDA HIGHLIGHTS (More specifics to be announced)

* APRILIA SPONSORS MARLINTON AND WILL BE BRINGING BIKES TO TEST RIDE: Yepper 1....Aprilia will be the very first major manufacturer to attend an ICOA's a Marlinton first and really ICOA History in the making. Attend Marlinton and test ride some of the wonderful bikes in the 2002 Aprilia Line. Meet Chris Cuomo of Aprilia and get the latest gossip/rumors on what will be available from Aprilia in the near future.

* MOTORCYCLIST MAGAZINE WILL COVER MARLINTON: Yepper's the real deal and great promo for ICOA, the CBX and CBXers. It's another Marlinton first and really ICOA History in the making. Meet internationally known and respected motorcycle journalist Patrick Bodden. He knows bikes, he likes CBXs and he thinks he just might be ready for Marlinton. It's a win - win for everyone.


See the Worlds Fastest CBX and Bonneville Record Setter. Talk to the team owners/partners Tom Neimeyer and Mitchel Banks. Just how was it to ride nearly 180mph on a to the record setting rider David Neimeyer.

Not enough.....see the Worlds Most Winning CBX Road Racer. Talk to team owner and rider Pat Mattachione.

Still not about a CBX Tractor Puller, CBX Turbos, CBX Show Bikes, $30,000 CBX Specials, CBX Dragsters, CBX Stockers, CBX Dawgies, Unrestored and Over-restored CBXs, lots of CBXs for Sale ....and finally.... CBXs no amount of money could ever buy. They could be all be at Marlinton 2002

* LARGEST CBX PARTS SWAP MEET ANYWHERE: Need a part will probably be for sale at Marlinton. Want to make sure it's your needs to the ICOA, TIMS and CBX Brewer Line to have it be delivered to Marlinton and waiting for you!!

* CBX "TOP GUN/GEARTOID" CONTEST: Sooooooooo ...... just who is the best/fastest CBX wrench? See them all compete ...side by side ...on identically disabled CBXs to determine who can get their CBX running first. Tom Neimeyer and Mitchel Banks are heading this effort up for us so you know it will be done right and not be tooooooooooo easy. If you win this contest given all the tricks they have in should be able to win any CBX Top Gun/Geartoid contest anywhere, anyplace.....anytime. Contestants.....please no bribes.

* SPECIAL CBX REPRODUCTION PARTS AVAILABLE AT MARLINTON: Oversized Cam Joints at $40/set will take care of this pesky problem for each CBX Motor. Reproduction Early Model Side Covers will run $120/set. Order yours from Ian Billingham of England ([email protected]). Ian will ship all confirmed sales to Marlinton in one box and they will be available for you in the Registration/Goodies Room throughout the rally. Ian will be at Marlinton from Thursday through Sunday to meet everyone and answer questions.


A CBX motor that's a tech session. Can Dave McMunn tear a CBX motor down in 45 minutes or so..... and answer questions in the process?

Is your CBX really lined up and ready to go......if past years CBX Henter Line Up Sessions by Mike Cecchini are any indications.... most CBXs need aligned.

Need to put together some stainless brake lines....we hope you would not mind learning from the CBX world record setting bike owner and team member Tom Neimeyer.

Making your CBX about a few hints from the rider/owner of the most winning CBX Road Racer in history....Pat Mattachione. Anddddddddddd even more tech sessions are planned.

Oversized Cam Joints: Order yours from Ian Billingham of England ([email protected]) at $40 for each CBX motor. Ian will ship all confirmed sales to Marlinton in one box and they will be available for you in the Registration/Goodies Room throughout the rally. We are planning a tech session where you can install them and/or we help you. Don't want this to be toooooooooooo easy now. Also, Ian has replacement early model side panels at $120/set. Send him an E mail for details, prices and fotos.

* RESTORING YOUR CBX: Need to know who is the best CBX restore to stock problem................just ask ......and we will introduce you to him and any others that will be more than happy to help you with hints, methods and resources on restoring your CBX exactly the way you want. You have CBX questions....Marlinton is the place for answers.

* SATURDAY BIKE PARADE AND BIKE SHOW: Imagine a parade line of CBXs a mile or so long....and locals standing along the road to Marlinton to just to see you and your CBX. Now imagine entire street closed for the Marlinton CBX Bike Show again hosted by Dennis and Susan McCartney and all the CBX bike show experts. If your bike wins competing against this many can win anywhere.

* 2002 COASTING CONTEST: The National Forest Service has called us to see if we wanted to do the Coast Off again. Yikesssss....we must be doing something right for this to happen. Little bit of paperwork and it might be a done deal for the 2.5 mile 2002 Marlinton Coast Off. Will the state of Virginia's own Rollie Free return....will John Mortensen win heavier better.....can a Late Model coast faster than an Early there ..........and find out. Just one more item on the wonderful Marlinton Rally Agenda for you to think about.

* BONFIRES & LIVE MOUNTAIN MUSIC GROUPS: Are there many more satisfying things than sitting around a late evening warm bonfire and talking to CBX buds/budetts while listening to wonderful live mountain music. OK...OK.....maybe it's not on your the top ten list of satisfying things to do....but again, it's just one more Marlinton Rally Agenda item for you to think about.

* MEET CBXers FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD: Prior attendees from Japan, England, Scotland, Canada, New Foundland, Singapore, Denmark, California, Texas. It's a simple plan really.....JUST GET HERE via a cheap flight and we take care of the rest for you. Sure we will have a bike for you to ride. Yes, we can help you hook up with a member to split a room. In general, if it can be done ...we will do it to help you. Email Mike Brown: [email protected]

* SATURDAY BANQUET AND AWARDS CEREMONY: $15 gets you a great "all you can eat" home cooked meal and includes the banquet hall rental. Find out who won the Rider and Show Bike Awards. Be there for drawings of great motorcycle/CBX items from TIMS, Vanson and CBX Performance. The banquet does not mean its over quite yet.........after it's over we all return to the Rally Site for yet another wonderful Marlinton Rally Saturday Night.....whewwwwww.

* FULL RANGE OF ICOA GOODIES will be available for you to purchase thanks to the help and cooperation from Eric Schreiner our new Goodies Director. Still not enough, how about....Marlinton Specific Shirts and Hats from Mid-Atlantic Region Members. The point is we have your ICOA and Marlinton goodies needs covered.....every pun intended. Goodies will be sold at the Registration area and open the same hours as Registration.

* GREAT EATS: Ray and his 26 foot portable kitchen will be will be backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

* ANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.....the Marlinton Motor Inn Bar will be open under all new management yet again.. For those that attended the very first Marlinton so long ago and could all just happen again.

* DAILY RIDES: 8 rides per day to make sure you have every opportunity to see the absolute best sites in this part of Virginia and West Virginia. Civil War Sites, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Cass Railroad, Luray Caverns, National Radio Telescope, Cranberry Bogs and nearby Waterfalls, Historic Lexington, Goshen Pass and much more is here for you to explore.

Also special "all day rides" will be available for those that just can not get enough. Maps and tourist booklets will be provided at registration. Check out the web sites below to see just a few of the wonderful ride destinations.


Marlinton 2001 Fotos

Marlinton 1999 Fotos

Blue Ridge Parkway

National Radio Astronomy Observatory

Natural Bridge

Virginia Horse Center

Goshen Pass

Luray Caverns caverns.html

Cass Railroad

Cranberry Glades

Nature Center

Highlands Scenic Highway

Highlands Waterfalls

Underground Coal Mine Tour

The Homestead

Just a Few Historic Places to Visit:

Snow Shoe Village Foto Gallery

Free Motorcycle Tour Brochure/Routes for Rides in the Marlinton area
RESERVATIONS/RALLY HEADQUARTERS: MARLINTON MOTOR INN 304-799-4711. Tell them you are with the "CBX Club" for $57.95 special group pricing per room rate. We have all rooms and entire hotel blocked.

Rooms at the Front are quiet and peaceful. First and second floor rooms on Side offer a close... by not too close.... view of rally happenings. Second floor rooms at the Back offer a great overview of the rally happenings. Ground floor rooms in the Back ....are ground zero and rally happenings in every respect.

It is certain all 70 rooms at the 2002 Marlinton will be taken again especially given the exciting Agenda (see above)..... Reserve N O W. You can cancel your room up within 48 hours of arrival. If you don't cancel within this time frame your credit card will be charged.

35 ROOMS WITHIN 2-3 MILES OF THE MARLINTON RALLY HEADQUARTERS; 100 MORE ROOMS WITHIN 25 MILES OF RALLY HEADQUARTERS Waited too long and no rooms are available Rally Headquarters.....we got you covered........ with great overflow hotels, cabins and bed and breakfast rooms listed below. These are also are a great alternative for those wanting to be at Marlinton, but not having to stay at the back area of the Hotel Rally Site Hotel. No excuses left........don't give up and .....don't stay home nomatter what.
River Place 304-799-7233: 8-10 rooms and a house. 3 miles from Rally Headquarters
Rustic Inn 304-799-4204: Motel with 12 rooms. 2 miles from Rally Headquarters
Appalachian Sports 304-799-4050: Two 6 person Units. 2 miles from Rally Headquarters
Jerico Inn 304-799-6241: 6 cabins and bed/breakfast rooms. 2 miles from Rally Headquarters
Snowshoe Resort about 12-15 miles from the rally site and has 100 plus rooms. go here for info and rates

Also; ask Teresa at the Motor Inn for her overflow recommendations during you call to reservation call if you no rooms are left at the Rally Site.

RALLY FEES & REGISTRATIONS: ICOA Member and Companion: $15 each. Non ICOA Rally Attendees $30. Children 16 or under are admitted free. Saturday/Sunday attendance only ....will be half price. Morning and Evening Registrations at the Rally Site (No pre-registration via mail). No registration wrist band = no rally site admission and free beer/soda/treats/entertainment.... and no exceptions. Registration will again be headed up by Jim and Mary Petsoules and if you can help out this would be appreciated.

IT'S TOO FAR AWAY FOR ME: You get a cheap flight to DC, Pittsburg or Baltimore, Charleston WV and we might be able to pick you up or hook you up with another member arriving same place/time to spilt a car rental. At the Rally Site we will have a bike for you. We do this for CBXers attending Marlinton from all over the world each year..... we will do it for you..........quit worrying....just get here.

WHAT ABOUT MY FAMILY/KIDS: Many members bring children and their significant others. The hotel has a pool and check out the above web sites for just a few places to visit. Keep in mind that for many of us Marlinton is the mecca of CBX Motorcycling as we know and want it with some of the best roads/riding starting in on the road in front of the Rally Site............ the non-CBX public, Marlinton is right in the center of many of the best vacation destinations on the East Coast.

AND FINALLY......If you can't make it the entire rally week....and most don't..... try for a few days like Thursday through Saturday. Contact Mike Brown or post to the various lines to find people to split rooms.

e Mike on questions [email protected]
Mike Brown
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